Mission and Goals

Our Mission is to preserve, protect and restore the ecological integrity and the natural diversity contained within the San Mateo Creek Watershed.

The Conservancy will pursue this goal by:

    • Establishing partnerships with government agencies, conservation organizations, and the public to support and promote our mission.
    • Instilling an understanding and appreciation of this native, coastal ecosystem and inspire conservation of the entire watershed.
    • Restoring habitat and rehabilitating disturbed areas.
    • Implementing a removal and treatment program for invasive plant species.
    • Insuring that the most highly biodiverse ecosystem in the system, Trestles Wetlands Natural Preserve, is maintained and restored to as natural a habitat as possible.
    • Promoting a partnership with and obtaining conservation easements from Rancho Mission Viejo, which would protect the tributaries lying within the Ranch: in particular Christianitos Creek and its largely untouched tributaries: Talega Creek and La Paz Creek.
    • Providing access to literature and unpublished papers on subjects related to the Watershed.
    • Insuring that the streambed remains accessible to salmonid migration.

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