Unpublished Papers and Links

An important task of this website is to make available to the public, interested parties, and researchers documents and papers concerning the SMC Watershed that are not easily available and are not published. The “Resource” link on the home page leads to a list of the resources. The capitalized links lead to PDF files of unpublished papers. The unpublished papers include the incomparable Biological Resources of San Mateo Creek (Feldmeth, 1987) a comprehensive survey of the flora and fauna in the lower SMC, the San Onofre Park General Plan Amendment, and San Mateo Creek Watershed Profile, prepared for the California Conservancy.

Following the capitalized links are URL links to relevant website. Of particularly interest is the MCB Camp Pendleton Environmental Office’s Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan,which provides maps indicating locations where endangered and listed species have been sighted, many within the SMC Watershed.
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